Aashray Homes

Revolutionizing the Housing Market.

With a clever blend of innovative and customized technology, Aashray Homes is built not just to simplify your search for properties, but transform the home buying and selling process. The simple and easy-to-use interface makes it easy for buyers, sellers, and investors to find each other quickly and conveniently.

Aashray Homes is a perfect bridge between the customer and the service provider. With a vast database of properties, you can buy or sell a home, get quotations and close the deal within the comfort of your own space. And once you have sealed the deal, we also provide options to apply for easy Home Loans. So from listing to documentation, virtual tour of the property to finally closing the deal and applying for a loan- the app covers virtually every need the user could want and thereby keeps the stress levels to a minimum.

On top of helping you search for your dream home, Aashray Homes offers to keep your home in excellent condition. From Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, or any service – we tick all the boxes to help you stay on top of tasks with no hassle of running around. And the best part, with our live tracking feature, you can check for the status of the process -anytime, anywhere.



Aashray Homes Features:

Detailed Search

Comprehensive list of available properties with every detail about the property to narrow down preferences.

Easier Interactions

Built in features to contact buyer or seller, saving time.


All documents pertaining to purchase or sell can be submitted through the app for added convenience.


The Online Marketplace.

V-Serve is a fast and convenient E-Commerce app that helps you get your store online and increase revenues. Built on a SaaS Application and easily deployable on any cloud environment, V-Serve bridges the gap in the supply chain by connecting the local vendors to the consumers directly. The main objective is to empower and add value to local vendors by offering consumers a convenient channel to access their products.

With the right concept and functionality, we design a tailor-made app depending on the market you want to cover and the target audience you need to reach. Once you describe your ideas to our development team, we make the entire process simple and effortless. Our app offers robust features enabling users to search, add items to their shopping cart, securely pay and track the progress. Turning your ideas into reality, V-Serve gives you the freedom to buy and sell conveniently with just a simple tap away.

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V-Serve Features


Offers consumers more freedom to buy and sell anytime, and from any place.

Personalized Design

Beyond just functionality, our custom design offers full-power performance.

Live Tracking

Track process in real time with updates.

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